For Owners

Additional services

In addition to the digital marketing and the wide visibility of the service, Cottage Finland offers additional services for the cottage owners to maximise the marketing and customer reach for their listed properties. These services are either included in the listing packages, or available separately for an extra cost.

Premium and corporate villa listings

If you have a villa that stands out from the others and represents a high quality holiday accommodation, we offer own highlighted category for premium villas. Or if the villa is suitable for meetings and corporate use, we offer another category for villas suited for companies. Both of these categories are highlighted with the category label among the search results. Premium and corporate villas have also their own theme pages and these villas are usually spotted first at the website. 

content creation

We offer a service where we add your cottage to the website on your behalf. The cottage profile will be fully created according to the service standards and it's ready to be published right away. We will make the profile in both languages, English and Finnish according to the given information.

photographing & filming

If your cottage needs updated pictures, Cottage Finland has a network of professional photographers, who will take high quality pictures so your property stands out from the selection. Photographing includes always the aerial view photos as well. Besides the normal photographing, you can also choose filming and the photographer makes an edited video clip of the cottage, that can be directly used in marketing.

social media features

Your cottage can be highlighted in Cottage Finland's social media channels Facebook or Instagram. Due to specific online marketing strategies, social media can effectively reach the potential customers. Besides social media, cottages can also be part of Cottage Finland's newsletter, which is sent regularly to an targeted audience.