Cottage Finland

About us

Cottage Finland is a service established by Villada Travel Group Oy. Company is known for website, that focuses on holiday villa rentals in the Southern Europe. The company started in 2013 and since then it has reached a remarkable role in Finnish markets and has over 10 000 travellers per year staying in Villada’s high quality villas.

Based on the growing demand and market research in Finland, a whole new service, Cottage Finland was founded. It is a platform for cottages, villas and holiday homes only in Finland.

User friendly and trendy service is built to serve the cottage rental markets in the best way possible. Besides the smooth user experience, the visual aspect of the website and it’s content is taken into account. With the search engine, users are able to limit their search results according to the most valuable criteria for them. After they’ve found their dream cottage, they can directly contact the owner by filling out the reservation form, sending an email or by calling. Cottage owners have also their own platform, through which they can admin the information of all their listed properties.

Cottage Finland serves tourists from in and outside of Finland, but also corporate customers who are looking for a meeting place. Website includes also different theme pages from fishing cabins to Premium villas, so that the users would find the options that respond to their needs as quickly as possible.