Aatelin Linna B5 Ebba


Vuokatti / Sotkamo, Kainuu

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Apartment Ebba of Aateli Castle with its 71 square-meters accommodates 4 persons. Ebba has two opulent bedrooms: one with 90 centimetre-wide single beds, the other with a romantic poster bed and spacious balcony. The heat-storing fireplace and high-rising open space in the living room, together with tall windows create a lofty, majestic atmosphere. The apartment has a kitchen, living room, sauna, two toilets, glazed-in terrace and balcony, as well as clothes drying / utility / storage room. The second floor bathroom with its flat-screen TV and luxurious jacuzzi fulfills your dream of perfect bathing enjoyment. The full amenities naturally include broadband connection, forced ventilation and cooling necessary in the heat of summer. Also, the apartments share a ski maintenance room.