Villa Bergholmen


Turku Archipelago / Kemiö, Kemiönsaari, Southwest Finland

from 500.00 € / night
  • 8+5
  • 5+2
  • 2
The four different seasons in the archipelago provide endless opportunities for those who seek new experience. Whether organised for a holiday, for recreation of personnel, for a meeting or training. Villa Bergholmen is a unique summer residence on island in front of Taalintehdas of Kemiö. The premises of this representative villa together with other buildings in the beautiful scenery of the archipelago are excellent for organising exclusive full-service conferences, parties, meetings as well as fishing and boating trips, with catering services included. Boat transport from the harbour in Taalintehdas to Villa Bergholmen takes less than ten minutes. The villa features all the high-level modern conveniences, such as wireless internet connection and 4G networks of cell phone operators as well as a diverse entertainment system. The whole island estate is located in the well-known "Corner of Kekkonen", where President Urho Kekkonen at his time used to catch fish together with visitors from the Soviet Union, and which is listed by the fishing editor Arto Kojo in his book 100 Fishing Sites in Finland as an awesome fishing site. Taalintehdas is right at the end of fast transport routes and short travelling distances.