Villa Polar

Saimaa / Ruokolahti, Etelä-Karjala

from 130 € / night
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Polar is a modern well-equipped villa. The large windows in the living room offer nice views of Ilmajärvi. The beach is easily accessible by stairs and there is a small terrace area, next to which is a small unique wood-heated beach sauna. The villa's private beach deepens rapidly, so it is not suitable for those without swimming skills. A more child-friendly public beach is located 5km from the villa. Polar is equipped with two bedrooms, a loft, a spacious living room / kitchen, two toilets, an indoor sauna, a terrace and a pier and a boat with its own southwest-facing beach. The convection air fireplace, which quickly warms the space, brings warmth and coziness to the cottage. The villa is designed with the kitchen on the morning sun side and the sauna on the evening sun side. Lounges, terraces and sauna windows open onto the lake. Families with children have also been taken into account. For example, sandboxes and swings also entertain our smaller guests.