Billnäsin ruukin pääkonttori


Etelä-Suomi / Billnäs, Raasepori, Uusimaa

from 490 € / night
  • 16+9
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Billnäs Ironworks is a unique place in historical milieu in Raseborg, Uusimaa. It takes around one hour to drive there from Helsinki, 1 h 45 min from Turku and 3 h from Tampere. The old ironworks was established in 1641 and the history of many centuries is still highly present in Billnäs. The spaces of Billnäs Ironworks Pääkonttori have been stylishly renovated to serve their new use. There are 8 double rooms and with extra beds there is accommodation for 25 people. The rooms are beautifully decorated and well equipped. There is also an own spacious bathroom in each room. Sauna is located in another building and can be booked separately. The spaces offer an excellent environment for remote work as well as relaxing. The wonderful nature landscapes tempt you to go outdoors. The artisan tradition is still active in Billnäs village so there are also good shopping possibilities in the area.


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