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Etelä-Suomi / Billnäs, Raasepori, Uusimaa

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Billnäs Ironworks is a unique place in historical milieu in Raseborg, Uusimaa. It takes around one hour to drive there from Helsinki, 1 h 45 min from Turku and 3 h from Tampere. The old ironworks was established in 1641 and the history of many centuries is still highly present in Billnäs. The spaces of Billnäs Ironworks have been stylishly renovated and timelessly decorated to serve their new use. The modernly equipped conference rooms are located mainly in the old office spaces of the ironworks. There is space for conferences and events, even for hundreds of people. For example, there have been organized executive board sessions, team days, launching events, trainings, pre-Christmas parties and informal social evenings. There is also a remote working area called Billnäsin aivoruukki, which offers a comfortable environment for working remotely. The hotel and restaurant services and sauna are available for conference clients and there is a cost free WLAN in all rooms. In Billnäs Ironworks, there is accommondation for almost 50 guests in 22 hotel rooms, that are located in the old office buildings of the ironworks. The location is near nature, which makes it a good environment for memorable events. There are additional activities available for remote working and meeting guests. For example, there is possible to go for a guided history tour or visit the ironworks smithy. Wine tasting and and ice swimming and paggling in the river are also popular activities in the area. The conference packages are tailored for customers' needs, so please do not hesitate to contact us!


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