Skitunäsin merenrantamökki

Etelä-Suomi / Pyhtää , Pyhtää, Kymenlaakso

from 240.00 € / night
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Skitunäs rental cottage is suited for 10-12 people. The location is by the sea. The rental cottage has a large spacious living area and a fireplace, three bedrooms, a bedroom above the sauna, a wood-heated sauna, a laundry and dressing room, and two toilets. The large loft has sleeping accommodation for six and a large pool table for fun. The rental cottage has a fully equipped kitchen. The rental cottage's sauna facilities lead to a gentle terrace and stairs to the beach. The beach has a pier and a rowing boat. The beach is shallow and is gradually deepening, so it is also suitable for children. At the edge of the forest, there is also a log barbecue hut with an open fire. The barbecue house can accommodate about 8-10 people. Skitunäs has a separate wood-heated beach sauna right by the sea, which can accommodate about 10 saunas at a time. The beach sauna can be rented separately.


Services, extra costs, pricing info:
Towels and sheets 20 euros per/set. If you only want to reserve bath towels, the rental price is 5e / towel.

In connection with the Skitunäs rental cottage, there is a beach sauna for about 10 people, 45 euros/day.

Pets allowed 10 euros/day per pet.

BASIC CLEANING 160 euros. Basic cleaning includes vacuuming the floors, washing the floors, setting up bed linen and carpets, and laying the beds. Basic cleaning also includes wiping the kitchen tables, carrying firewood, and emptying the ashes from the fireplace and sauna oven.

FULL CLEANING is 220 euros and includes basic cleaning in addition to the basic cleaning.

If at the end of the booking the cleaning has not been done carefully and we have to clean before the next customer arrives, Suomen Kotteria / Savantum Oy has the right to charge a cleaning fee of at least 75 euros. The hourly charge for unbooked cleaning is 55 euro / hour.
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