Villa Karikkoniemi

Etelä-Suomi / Vesilahti, Nokia, Pirkanmaa

from 275.00 € / night
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Villa Karikkoniemi is a peaceful villa in Tampere's Pyhäjärvi and has its own 150 m shoreline. You can swim directly from the door of the beach sauna and the cape also has its own boat dock that can be accessed by a larger boat. Honkarakenne's buildings were completed in 2010 and were renovated for rental use in 2019. The buildings are heated by geothermal heat, and in the summer heat the main building is cooled by an air source heat pump. The beach sauna warms you up with a wood-burning Iki stove, and you can admire the sunset over the lake from its decks. The beach sauna also has its own toilet and two showers in the bathroom. The large windows of the living room/dining room in the main building offer a wonderful view of the lake, and a large fireplace creates atmosphere in the space. The main building has an electric sauna, two toilets and showers with two showers. The modern kitchen is well equipped. The sleeping areas are divided as follows: During the winter season, the Villa comfortably accommodates 12 people and during the summer months (May-August) 14 people. The capacity of the dining area is 14 people. Beds in the winter season: Main building MH1- 2 person double bed Main building MH2 - 2 x 1 person bed Main building Upper hall - 2 x 1 person bed Main building Vinttihuone - 4 x 1 person bed Beach sauna fireplace room - 2 person spreadable sofa bed + Summer months: "The butler's cottage" - 2 x 1 person bed 8 person outdoor hot tub is at your free disposal and is included in the rental prices. A rowing boat is available during the summer season. Pets are allowed, as long as they are kept away from the furniture and beds. When Pyhäjärvi is frozen, the opening at the end of the pier of the beach sauna is kept open with a submersible pump, so it´s perfect for ice swimming. The minimum rental period is 2 days and on weekends only Fri-Sun rental. The prices include bed linen, towels and final cleaning. Holiday seasons and bank holiday weekends are sold only in full weeks or rental periods.


Price Range:
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Price Description:
Minimi vuokra-aika on 2 vrk,
Viikonloppuvuokraus vain pe-su (2 yötä) jaksoina
Sesonki- ja lomakaudet vain kokonaisina vuokrajaksoina alla olevin listahinnoin

Lomakausien ulkopuoliset ajat:
275€ /arki vrk (minimivaraus 2vrk)
990€ /viikonloppu pe - su klo 1700-1500
1500€ /viikko

Syksy 2023/Talvi2024
Syysloma 2 1500€ ma 23.10.23- su 29.10.2023 klo 15-15
Itsenäisyyspäivä 660 € ti 5.12.23-to 7.12.23 klo 17 -12
Talviloma1 1500€ ma 19.2.2024-su 25.2.2024 klo15-15
Talviloma2 1500€ ma 26.2.2024-su 3.3.2024 Klo15-15
Pääsiäinen 1500€ ke 27.3.2024-ti 2.4.2024 Klo 17-12
Vappu 660€ ti 30.4.2024 -to 2.5.2024 klo 17-12
Helatorstai 1400€ ke 8.5.2024- su 12.5.2024 Klo 17-15

Kesän 2024 vuokrakaudet alkavat perjantaina klo 1200, ja päättyvät torstaina klo 1400.
vk 22/23 31.5.2024-6.6.2024 1800€ (varausmaksu 800€)
vk 23/24 7.6.2024-13.6.2024 1800€ (varausmaksu 800€)
vk 24/25 14.6.2024-20.6.2024 1950€ (varausmaksu 950€)
vk 30/31 26.7.2024-1.8.2024 1950€ (varausmaksu 950€)
vk 32/33 9.8.2024-15.8.2024 1950€ (varausmaksu 950€)
vk 33/34 16.8.2024-22.8.2024 1800€ (varausmaksu 800€)
vk 34/35 23.8.2024-29.8.2024 1800€ (varausmaksu 800€)
Services, extra costs, pricing info:
Liinavaatteet, pyyhkeet, vapaa paljun käyttö (porakaivovesi) sekä perusloppusiivous kuuluvat hintaan.