Orivesi, Pirkanmaa

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This wonderful all-year-round complex of leisure buildings, main building 85 m² log villa, outbuilding 110 m² of which the living shed is 25 m², beach sauna 25 m², carport 59 m², was completed in 2020. The elegantly built and decorated residential complex is perfectly suited for spending leisure time and there is room for 12 people. From the large terrace of the main log building, descend the stairs to the beach sauna and its roof terrace and to the beach terrace right at the water's edge. In the sloped areas of the yard, natural stone and planted mulberry. Low crabs make it easier for people with reduced mobility to access the main and utility building, as well as the beach sauna and terraces. The main building has a well-equipped kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, both with a double bed. Wc, washroom (2 showers), sauna (electric heater), circulating air fireplace, air heat pump, mechanical ventilation, TV and a large terrace, from which access to the cabin is also possible with a wheelchair. The kitchen has an induction stove/oven, a wood stove/oven, a range hood, a fridge-freezer and a dishwasher. The utility building has housekeeping and supplementary kitchen and storage facilities, induction stove/oven, range hood, dishwasher, refrigerator, refrigerator freezer, toilet, shower, washing machine and dryer in the laundry room. The shed room has a double bed, one sofa bed, a fireplace, a TV, a window with a view of the lake, large storage spaces in the study, a desk space and two sofa beds, as well as a garage and building technology room which are not available to guests. All rooms have their own doors. The outbuilding also has underfloor heating, an air heat pump and mechanical ventilation. The beach sauna has a refrigerator, underfloor heating, a wood-burning stove, a washroom, 2 showers, a toilet and a lounge with a window overlooking the lake. There is a roof terrace (approx. 100 m²) on the roof of the sauna, where you can find the fireplace of the outdoor kitchen for cooking. The beach sauna, the large beach terrace in front of the beach sauna (approx. 56 m²) and from there to the pier can also be accessed by car and wheelchair. Wireless internet works at a speed of 200 Mbit/s. The cottage's waste water system has absorption for gray water. Toilet water is directed to a closed tank. If the closed tank is full, it is also emptied during a possible holiday. There is a carport for three cars in the yard with several heating plugs. The property is not rented to groups of people under the age of 25. Please also consider the peace of your neighbors when spending the evening in the yard. There is a small island in front, where the sounds of birds may be heard during the nesting season.


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