Villa Ihku


Himos / Jämsä, Jämsä, Central Finland

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Villa Ihku will be completed in the spring of 2024 in the Himoksen Golf Resort area. From the cottage's terrace you can watch the opening shots of the fairway and Himos Areena is also within walking distance. The ski lift is located so close that you can take your skis under your arm in the cottage's yard and walk to the slope. Our new wonderful cottage, which is being built at the end of Golfarikunnas street, offers customers details that cannot be found elsewhere in Himos. Villa Ihku's design has taken into account the needs of even larger groups. Villa Ihku will have eight bedrooms and beds for at least 18 people. The upstairs bedrooms will have room-specific cooling, which is a rarity in Himos and ensures a pleasant night's sleep even on hot summer nights. You can dine either inside in connection with the kitchen or on the outdoor terrace sheltered from the weather, in both spaces there is a dining table, where there is room for the entire group of 18 people. The fully glazed space on the outdoor terrace must be heated, so that you can fry sausages even in winter. One of the largest entertainment facilities in Himos has been planned for Villa Ihku. Game and karaoke nights are crowned by a 98-inch smart TV, and in a space that is well soundproofed from the neighbors, you can sing even a little later without disturbing the neighbors. Villa Ihku's courtyard terrace is one of the largest in Himos. The more than 60 square meter terrace has a jacuzzi for 6-8 people and, as a real rarity, also a cold pool for sports or parties for recovery.


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