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Levi / Kittilä, Kittilä, Lapland

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New well-equipped semi-detached house less than a kilometer from the services of the Levi center. Built in 2023 Area: 135 m2 Bedrooms: 3 downstairs, 2 upstairs Beds: 3 double beds, 5 singe beds Toilets:5 Sauna: electric sauna Distances: Levi centre: 0,9 km, Shop: 1km, Nearest piste: 0,9 km, Skiing track: 0,6 km, Snowmobile route: 0,4 km, Golf course: 3,5 km, Ski bus route: 0,6 km. Type: Semi-detached house Built: 2023 Area: basement 26 m2, downstairs 77,5 m2 upstairs/loft 32 m2 Bedrooms: 3 downstairs (of which 1 in the basement floor), 2 bedrooms upstairs/on the loft Beds: 3 double beds, 5 single beds. Toilets: 4 separate toilets, 1 in the bathroom Sauna: electric sauna (for 4 persons at the time) Equipment: dishes, fireplace / firewood, 3 x TV, electric stove+oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, Raclette pan for 10 persons, 2 x fridge, 2 x freezer, washing machine, electric clothes drying cupboard, drying drum, hair dryer, car heating point, EV charging station (NB! Cannot be used at the same time if sauna and jacuzzi on) Other things to be mentioned: Outdoor jacuzzi Remote workstation; docking station 27", electric table, JBL speaker, HDMI cable Wifi Please note: If the water in the outdoor hot tub has to be changed due to negligence, the tenant is responsible for the costs of € 300. The deductible for the outdoor hot tub in case of breakage is € 500 and will be charged to the customer. The water in the outdoor hot tub may be below normal temperature on the day of the change if the water has to be changed after the previous customer. In this case, the pool will be ready for use the next day. If the outdoor hot tub is out of use for any reason, eg due to breakage, the customer will receive a 10% refund. Price includes departure cleaning and bed linen as made in beds as well as the use of an outdoor hot tub. During C-season departure cleaning and the use of an outdoor hot tub are included. PRICE SEASONS OF THE ACCOMMODATION A HIGH SEASON A1 weeks (51) 52-1 weeks 8-15 week 16 according to Easter A2 week 45/2023 weeks 2,7 week 16 according to Easter week 17 according to Easter B SNOW SEASON AND FALL weeks 03-06 weeks 17-18 weeks 35-39 weeks 44 weeks 46-50 (51) C REDUCED PRICE SEASON weeks 19-34 weeks 40-43 The rights for changes are reserved. You can choose additional services later in the shopping cart phase.